Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our banners fly high from 10am til 1pm...

You've remembered to get the beer and the sausages, the soft drink and the potato salad but you're missing the final (and best) bit.... Grand Final Day Cupakes! 

We like cats and we like pies but because you're going to make us pick we guess.... as much as a pie is a culinary delight (and we do like our food here at Cake) we'd probably have to pick cats. 


Please note that as much as we'd like to stay open all day on Saturday we're going to hightail it home to watch the game and so if you want to pick up some cakes make sure you're in before 1pm. If you want to order your team colours (Collingwood or Geelong) then you'll have to get in early because we have a limited number available. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lucy, cakes, kittens shooting lasers.... just your regular Cake blog post...

What's the connection between kittens (exactly like the one below) who can shoot laser beams from their eyes and Cake? 


The beautiful and beautifully talented Lucy James visited us from Daylesford the other day and sat across the road in the sunshine and drew some pictures. 

She also was sweet enough to eat some of our cakes and macrons and drew these as well. 

So this is a little shoutout to Lucy for doing such lovely drawings and letting us use them ('For what?' we hear you ask....)

Go have a look at Lucy's blog The Warming Room and check out more information about her upcoming exhibition Sudden Flushes of Unconscious Material (part 2) at c3 gallery in the Abbotsford convent.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frankie Issue 43 Out Now

We are just a little bit excited to be included in one of our favorite magazines!!!

Frankie is a bi-monthly Australian magazine, featuring all sorts of wonderful things and we are in their new cafe directory section of the magazine.
We also stock their wonderful cookbooks which have all the cooking classics and is a must for any keen baker.
Make sure to go out and get a copy, I'm sure you will enjoy.

Issue 43 - Out now with Cake featuring in it. (Whoo hoo)

Frankie cookbooks available in store at Cake.