Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mad Hatter's Tea Party....

    • If you're like us the first thing you thought when the skies opened yesterday and the sunshine fell out was 'Spring is here already?!' followed shortly by the desire to deny the likely fact that any second the weather would make a U-turn and head back into the Ballarat we all know and love- e.g cold n rainy. 

      Lucky for us we get to hang out at Cake all day long and drink warm cups of tea. Which is why we're happy to bring you another T2 Tea review from Ester! 

      We asked Ester (who most certainly loves her tea) what would be her tea/macaron combo-choices. 


      Turkish Apple T2 and Turkish Delight Macaron: 

      Turkish apple T2 is hands down my all time favorite tea. With the  perfect amount sweetness, fruitiness and deliciousness, it could easily be paired with anything in the whole world.

      But it does go in perfect harmony with the Turkish delight macaron which is filled with a  ganache created from real pieces of Turkish delight.
      A must have combination for someone after a delightful (pun intended) Turkish feast. 

      Gorgeous Geisha T2 and Berry Macaron: 

      If you like green tea, are gorgeous, like ‘memoirs of a geisha’ and think about berries regularly, this is the combination for you.

      Gorgeous geisha is a calming green tea that has subtle flavours of strawberries and cream added for sweetness, which leaves you wishing you’d bought a berry macaron.

      So, we thought we better put the two together and spoil you all.

      Melbourne Breakfast and Vanilla Macaron: 

      I am quite proud of this combination for it took quite a lot of tea research, but feel as though the Melbourne Breakfast compliments the Vanilla macaron perfectly.

      If you read my last post you would know that Melbourne Breakfast T2 is like English breakfast with vanilla, yet the combination is not too overpoweringly sweet and the tea leaves you feeling warm and happy. 

      Peppermint Tea and Choc Mint Macaron:

      The thing I love about Peppermint Tea is that you get to consume copious amounts of chocolate and end up with fresh breath.

      I also love the Choc Mint Macaron and love all minty things really, so although this may seem like a obvious combination it certainly is one to try (several times.)

      And last but not least, I am currently drinking some French Earl Grey T2 and could really eat any vairety of macaron, though I am really craving a Lemon Macaron and Alex pointed out to me earlier what a delightful combination they would make.

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