Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Take a journey down the rabbit hole and into the magical world of Cake...

Firstly, we owe a couple of overdue shout outs to some lovely ladies who've visited us in the past few weeks.

Loretta from Whitemoss was kind enough to send us a howdy on her Facebook the other day and we're planning on popping in to Whitemoss in Melbourne this weekend. If we manage to we'll make sure we post pictures!

Also if you have been thinking of checking out that vintage shop you drive past each day or that new craft shop (yes secret squirrel we have our eyes on you) that's popped up in the Ballarat area? Well if, like us, you're a tiny bit time poor you can step over to this blog and check out what's going on.

And last but by no means least (littlest yes but with personality plus) we had a visit from a little bunny the other day.

If you have a photo of one of your little people (or even big people) that you think can give this little lady a run for her money feel free to post on our Facebook page or 'like' us and then simply tag us in one of your photos.

Speaking of bunnies.... does anyone have any idea what's going on in our display window at the moment? 

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