Monday, June 27, 2011

First Ever Ester's Weekly (hopefully if we're organised) Tea 2 Tea Review!

Welcome to what we hope will turn out to be our Ester’s Weekly (or so) Tea 2 Tea Review.

For those of you who don’t know Ester here’s a little introduction and (drum roll please) our First Ever Ester’s Weekly (or there abouts) Tea 2 Tea Review!

Firstly, Ester... how long have you been at Cake?

Okay well I started working at Cake about three months after it opened, and I thought I knew exactly when, but all I can remember is that my best friend was in Japan, so I'll have to ask her tomorrow exactly when she was in Japan to answer that question properly.

But if it's been a year since Cake opened then I have been working for seven months… so I started working September last year.

That took me way too long to figure out so really the first answer is SINCE SEPTEMBER.

Its been super rainy and cold in Ballarat.... what's your favourite straight up (no combos) rainy day cup of Tea 2 Tea?

For a warming tea on a rainy day I would say Melbourne Breakfast.

Because it's like your average hearty English Breakfast that's been like an old friend, but with a hint of vanilla sweetness that makes it more fancy and exciting.

Okay, now if you got to do a rainy day mix of Tea 2 Teas what would they be?

To mix two teas I would take a new direction and say Turkish Apple and Strawberries & Cream, because I love that combination lately. It's warming yet still fruity and assists in forgetting about the chilly outdoors.

When you're next in at Cake what Tea 2 Tea are you most looking to brewing up?

I would love to brew up some Chai with honey and soy milk, but I was actually at T2 earlier today and had some already, which I really loved. It is surprisingly delicious with soy milk even if you don't like soy milk, and the honey adds a sweetness that's not overpowering.

My sister even loved it and she doesn't like Chai at all.

When I am in cake tomorrow I will be running to the Vanilla Slice Tea 2 Tea that I have yet to try and couldn't be more excited about.

What's the best bit about working at Cake (other than the awesome people you work with)?

….. the best bit about working at cake! Apart from the people, it would have to be when new customers come in and are super impressed. Because I feel partially responsible for bringing them happiness and love being a part of such a happy place, especially when there's nothing else like it in the whole town and I get to work there!

Because we're sure we have some avid Tea fans out there who might want to recognise our lovely Ester when they're next in at Cake... here's a lil' picture of our new Tea Reviewer that we're sure she'll kill us for week hopefully we can get some Tea drinking in action photos of Ester? 

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