Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tea for two and two for tea....

Who's been past in the last week and noticed our fancy new sign? 

We're also pretty excited that the lovely T2 are coming to visit us today. 

We're lucky at Cake because when customers ask us what teas we have we don't just run through the regular 'english breakfast, earl grey, chai, peppermint.' Instead we turn and with a flourish point to our amazing range of teas...

See? Anyone who can come in and recite the names of all our teas (without looking) or can teach us how to remember them all, gets a free tea! 

Citrus Punch, Strawberries & Cream, French Earl Grey, Monk Pear, Creme Brulee, 
Choc Chip Chai, English Breakfast, Melbourne Breakfast
Lemongrass & Ginger, 
Just Peppermint, Just Chamomile, Honey Green Almond, Sencha Quince, 
Turkish Apple & Gorgeous Geisha. 

We know.... too many to choose from! 

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