Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Warm up at Cake this Winter....

Winter has definitely arrived, and here at Cake we're warming up by staying inside- the heater is on and the hot chocolates are as beautiful as ever. We are also preparing for the surprise arrival of some new additions to our Cake family.

We'll give you three clues; they're sweet, they're little and they're not cupcakes!

Talking of eagerly anticipated arrivals... do you love waxed paper straws as much as we do? A rainbow of waxed paper straws in purple, blue, red, green, yellow, aqua, pink, black, and grey polka dots and stripes arrived the other day.

We've patiently counted them out into packs of 24 for you (usually with an extra one thrown in for good measure) and we don't mind if you're not hurrying in to get them because we love looking at them so much. We'd post photos of them but seriously they're too cute.

Also small and large milk bottles complete with lids so that you can actually use them as... yes you guess it... milk bottles.... are in.

By the way......


  1. Sounds like you have lots going on! Can't wait to hear/see what the new addition to the Cake family is! Can't believe you are nearly 1!!! The girls and I will have to pop in soon! Nic xx

  2. We were in for the first time the other day for a cuppa and of course a cake!! What a lovely shop!! So nicely decorated, friendly atmosphere and welcoming. Now I just need more days off to spend having coffee with friends!!! Sarah :-)

  3. Sarah what lovely compliments! Glad that you enjoyed your time at Cake and hope to see you (and your friends) soon.

    Also, Nic! We just realised that you have a blog of your own. We will be sure to travel on over and check it out!

    Take care and stay warm,

    Love, The Team at Cake.