Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boys just wanna have fun too....

By the excited way we greet posties and couriers at Cake they must think we are the cheeriest people in town.

The highlight this week would have to be receiving our new wall clock from Mister Mista

Mister Mista are not your regular label. Behind the scenes you'll find an amazing and talented couple, Travis and Renee. Travis and Renee have pooled their skills along with Travis's obsession (we mean love) of tee shirts, and as well as having a young family, have created imaginative and fun designs.

Come in and check out the new Mister Mista wall clock that we have up at Cake it looks great!

Actually, one of the coolest things about Mister Mista's wall clock is how you can choose pictures to put with different hours of the day. 

However, we definitely think they should have included more 'snack' stickers but that's probably due to being surrounded by delicious cupcakes all day.

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.... 

xxx Love Cake. 

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